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Patented 'Screwless' Design

A Black Zirc pivot so lonely, it bought shares just for some company. The screws on the Neutron Star are nowhere to be seen like that "friend" who owes you money.

Hand Satin-Finished M390 Blade

Strong and versatile with a tanto-lizing blade that's sharp out of the box ready to toil away.

Doesn't make it boring just because it's all work and no blade play.

Fine Stonewashed Titanium Body

Handle designed for comfort first. Whether you're a lefty or a righty, the ergos will serve you well whatever it is you're cutting (unless it's tension in a room then maybe don't whip out a blade?).

Black Zirc or MokuTi edition?

Choose between

Black Zirc or MokuTi pocket clip.

Both beauties armed with ceramic ball bearings for buttery smooth action and that perfect flick.

Easy Peasy

Clear instructions included. If you still find yourself struggling, we're happy to assist. Absolutely no judgement here, dummy.

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