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Goodskrew Limited is a Hong Kong company led by founders Zai and Wadham operating out of both Hong Kong and Singapore. Apart from supplied materials and bearings, everything is devised and executed by the talented team assembled. 


Goodskrew® was conceived as a movement to grow and spread the appreciation of fine tools in a way that, hopefully, also spreads joy. We craft premium, artful tools that are functional and luxurious, but also accessible. Furthermore, we scour the EDC world in search of highly skilled small-scale crafters behind amazing EDC works of art and team up directly with them to bring their creations here. The dream, at the end of the day, is for our modest platform to ignite in many others the very same passion for unique, artful tools that brought our team together.

We will be perpetually growing our line of products (drivers, holders, branded merchandise and curated crafts), so please follow us on Instagram so you won't miss out on any updates & promos! Tell us what you'd like to see in the future by dropping us a DM.

Thanks and have a Goodskrew ♥️  



The time has come to elevate the way you skrew forever. Consider GOODSKREW your trusty companion ready to skrew almost anything in any position with great technique and satisfaction.

​​Compact and portable design make GOODSKREW the perfect everyday carry(EDC).

 ​Grooved non-slip sides provide excellent grip while the flat "floating" bearing head rests comfortably on the palm and spins like FRICTION'S FICTION 
(Try saying that fast three times. Congrats, you're a modern rapper

This sleek yet utilitarian design offers uncompromising control and comfort in any position so you can skrew all day.

 ​​The fun doesn't end when the skrewing stops. We use the best bearings in the biz, making these top-notch fidget toys.  A delightful toy you can skrew with? You know you want one.


So what are you waiting for? Grab one and go skrew yourself.

GS SET.heic

A Brief History


Love Letter to Our Supporters

Goodskrew® began promoting our first iteration of drivers on Kickstarter in the beginning of 2020 to raise funds to grow our line of luxury drivers including new designs as well as for expenses to set up our company, register trademarks, new designs, etc. We had everything planned out, just needed capital to, well, kickstart the business. We were off to a fantastic campaign launch, hitting our target in a week and selling out our rewards shortly after at more than 300% of our target.

Unfortunately, it was then brought to our attention that our design had been leaked and was being replicated then promoted elsewhere. Despite unequivocally proving that we were the original, Kickstarter decided to pull our campaign for allegedly breaching one of their terms. Distraught as we were, we were also moved by the continued unwavering support from most of our backers who still loved our products and urging us to not give up. Invaluable lessons were learnt and we vowed to return better than before.

After setting up our company (Goodskrew Limited), we strengthened our brand identity (registered trademark, new designs and new brand logo to be reflected on all our original products). Now, with concrete foundations and a solid team, we are back to do this right and do right by all our supporters. 

To all who kept believing, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for getting us here.

Goodskrew is back and we are here to stay.

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