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We give a faq

  • Do Goodskrew only make bitdrivers?
    Yes, at least for now. We are relatively new and still expanding our line of drivers in hopes to provide a wide variety of designs, finishes and customization options. That said, we are not limiting ourselves to just crafting drivers indefinitely. That is just where we are at. We do have a CURATED CRAFTS collection where you will find quality products by other crafters, if you're interested.
  • How long does delivery take?
    Our products are usually shipped out within 2-4 working days upon confirmation of purchase and shipping should take about 3 to 8 days for Fast and about 14 days for Standard unless there is unforeseen delay. Once item is shipped out, you will receive a notification email along with your tracking number. If you have yet to receive your order after 14 days and unable to track it, please CONTACT US. For more information please refer to SHIPPING INFO.
  • How do I use the promo code?
    You may enter your promo code at the checkout page. Bear in mind that most of our promo codes have limited uses but no expiry date.
  • What material do you use and how durable is it?
    Kindly refer to product specifications. Goodskrews are incredibly durable and resistant to corrosion. To best protect the finish, just try not to drop it in the first place or scratch it against anything sharp and you're golden. Goodskrews can handle heavy daily use extremely well, based on general customer consensus.
  • Is "Goodskrew" the name of the brand or the drivers?"
    Both! "Goodskrew" is a registered trademark name for our brand and drivers. Drivers were initially called "Goodskrewdrivers" but we have decided to make the name more synonymous with the brand. Besides it has a better ring to it.
  • Do you do collaborations?
    We are always interested to explore collaboration opportunities. If you're interested, CONTACT US with the details and we'll get back to you ASAP. You may also reach out to us via Instagram @getgoodskrew.
  • How long does the bearing head spin for?
    Our test results show an average of about 1min 50 sec. Get one and try it yourself.
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